A Girl of the Limberlost

Our rating: ****½

Elnora Comstock is determined to go to high school. On her first day, she is laughed at for her hair and dress styles, her lunch is stolen, and she is told that she must buy her own books. Elnora’s mother refuses to help her daughter succeed, so Elnora is forced to raise money to buy school supplies all by herself, though the Comstock’s kind-hearted neighbors help where they can. Elnora finds out that she can collect and sell the Limberlost moths for a good price and she begins saving for high school and college. In between school and moth collecting, Elnora tries to find the story behind her mother’s lack of love.

Although it is usually listed as first, A Girl of the Limberlost is actually the sequel to Freckles. It can stand alone, but some characters from the first book make an apperance which may cause some confusion if the reader is not acquainted with them. That said, the plot of this book involves so much more than a girl paying her way through high school. Rather, A Girl of the Limberlost is a well-developed, beautiful story to which a summary cannot do justice.

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