Announcing Read-a-Thon 2011!

Hello all!

We have something very exciting to announce to you all.

In the wake of my announcement that Incredibooks would be shortening the Read-a-Thon to just July this year, RoadtoGrinnell (a former participant) proposed a summer reading program to the forum team over at Holy Worlds. Her plan was to host an event based off of the Summer Read-a-Thon we’d been doing here at Incredibooks. When we heard about it, we gave the Holy Worlds teams our blessing, but it didn’t take long for the teams from both forums to wonder why we didn’t just join forces. Which we promptly did.

So this year, Incredibooks and Holy Worlds have teamed up to present a tri-forum Summer Read-a-Thon for 2011! The knowledge and resources of Incredibooks, combined with the energy and staff of Holy Worlds, and the creativity and dedication provided by both sites work together to come up with something I promise will be truly remarkable.

What is a Read-a-Thon? The goal is to read as many books during the summer as you can, and race with your friends and other users to accomplish that goal. We’ve also got some prizes in the works that we’ll have more on later.

Now, I know I said earlier that we were shortening the Read-a-Thon to span only the month of July. That’s all changed. You can sign up starting June 1st, and the Read-a-Thon starts June 13th. Late signups will be accepted through June 30th. The contest ends on August 13th.

The rules are hosted here on Incredibooks. Please check them out for more details! Sign-up and Reporting threads will be started on all three participating forums, as well as general chatter. Sign-ups are required to be eligible for prizes.

Happy reading!

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