An Interview with Author Katie Lynn Daniels

Pirate Shishkabob CoverJust recently, we found out about a great picture book by new author Katie Lynn Daniels. Katie was gracious enough to agree to do an e-mail interview with us.

Incredibooks: First off, tell us a little bit about your new book.

Katie Lynn Daniels: The Tale of Pirate Shishkabob is a picture book about a bunch of very unusual pirates. They sail the high seas terrorizing merchant vessels for a fresh supply of fruits and vegetables, rather than gold and treasure. I got the idea when my little pirate brother and I started sword fighting over a pile of meat we were supposed to be kabobbing.

IB: What inspired you to become a writer?

KLD: That’s a very old story, actually. When I was very little I wrote a one page story about a little boy who always asked “why?” My dad found it laying around and praised it. I was so proud of myself I started writing a whole book. It was several years before I finished it; all 45 pages written out in pencil. (some of it colored.) Finally I started on my second book and I simply never stopped.

IB: Incredibooks is a book review site, so we want to know about your favorite books. Can you share a couple of titles?

KLD: My absolute favorite book ever is the Riddle-Master Trilogy by Patricia A. McKellip. It’s absolutely brilliant, and little-known; a fact I’m attempting to change. My second favorite is the Queen’s Thief series by Magan Whale Turner. I love fairy tales, and often refer to myself as a fairytale writer.

IB: Have you ever incorporated yourself or anyone you know into one of your books?

KLD: I think most of my main characters are reflections of different aspects of myself, but I’m not always sure. I’ve several ideas for stories that are based on real life, but I don’t have the guts to write them. I’ve definitely based characters off of people I know in real life, but I usually alter them considerably. The main character of Pirate Shishkabob is, in many ways, my little brother Caleb, for example.

IB: What is a typical writing day like for you? For example, where do you write? Do you always write at the same time of day? Do you listen to music when writing? If so, what?

KLD: I write my first draft by hand in spiral bound notebooks, usually. I only ever write in pen on lined paper. My second draft is when I type it up and from there on out I do all my writing and rewriting and rerewriting on the computer. It’s actually the family computer, so some battles can ensue. I write at any time of day, although I think best late at night. When I’m writing a first draft by hand I write anywhere and everywhere; in the car, at the dinner table, in waiting rooms, through noise and silence and disaster. I like listening to music when writing, but I’m not dependent on it. My writing music is movie soundtracks, celtic music, epic music such as TSfH, and Evanescence.

IB: Can you tell us what’s next for you?

KLD: I’m trying to finish one of my novels this summer. I’m currently working on four; two science fiction, one dark fantasy, and one fairytale. I do have other picture books but I won’t be working on them for a while yet. Hopefully, by the grace of God, I’ll be looking at publishing either City of Lies or The Justice Project sometime in July or August.

We’re looking forward to reading ’em, Katie!

You can get The Tale of Pirate Shishkabob in a variety of places, so check out the official web site for details. Also, if you’re so inclined, you can follow Katie on Twitter to keep up with what she’s doing.

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