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Pirate Shishkabob

Our rating: *****

Recounts the tale of Pirate Shishkabob, a most unconventional buccaneer who pillages ingredients for his kabobs instead of treasure. One day, he gets a letter from King Egleburt asking him to help out with a very serious problem…

Here’s a simple, delightful story for the young and young at heart. Clever text is combined with grin-inducing illustrations. Unlike many children’s books, Pirate Shishkabob is silly without resorting to stupidity. Really, if you can’t read this book without smiling, something is seriously wrong with you.


Our rating: ****

The black egg has hatched and the dragon prince has emerged. Long-told prophecies of doom strike fear in the enslaved humans. Jason and Koren race to the Northlands in search of help, but the Starlighter seems irrevocably connected to the dragon prince and must decide if returning to him and his chains will prove to be the best for her people. Elyssa and Wallace still battle for the slaves’ freedom, uncovering mysterious history along the way; and Tibalt and Randall, back on Major Four, are confronted with problems of their own. Jason is tested, Koren is conflicted, and the struggle for truth grows harder. One thing is clear: the stakes are raising and time is running short.

The second book in Bryan Davis’ Dragons of Starlight series, Warrior, delves deeper into the established story and throws in some pretty surprising plot twists while it’s at it. I had to concentrate to keep track of all the characters and plot lines, but the book is certainly worthwhile and does an excellent job of keeping things interesting while setting up for the third book, Diviner.

Third Starlighter

Our rating: *****

Starting where Masters and Slayers left off, Third Starlighter continues the story of Adrian and Marcelle as they try to free the slaves from the dragon planet. Marcelle’s back on Major Four, the human planet, trying to raise an army to help Adrian. Meanwhile, Adrian has his hands full on the dragon planet with new discoveries and mysteries. It all adds up to one wild ride, so fasten your seatbelt!

You can’t get away from the fact that this book is great. I had a fantastic time reading it, getting to know the characters better, and having little aha moments everywhere as the story unfolded. Once I finished Third Starlighter, I roamed the house, muttering about plot points yet to be resolved and wondering out loud how Bryan Davis thinks he can wrap it all up in one more book. That is my only reservation here, and it’s probably unfounded. Do not miss this series.

Dragons of the Watch

Our rating: ****

Though a well-educated tumanhofer, Ellicinderpart is just a farm girl with a goat named Tak for her best friend. When opportunity arises to visit the capitol for an upcoming royal wedding, she’s eager to take the special trip — but a sudden turn of events makes her journey a little too special. Trapped in an enchanted, over-sized city, populated only by an obscure old urohm and a horde of brutal, vicious children, Ellie’s first concern is simply that of survival. But it turns out she’s not the only tumanhofer to have fallen into this unique set of circumstances — she meets Bealomondore, a well-known and elite artist, who’s been trapped there for months now. Despite her initial distrust, the two must work together to unravel the mystery and ultimately discover how perseverance and love can bring restoration.

I always anticipate Donita K. Paul’s new releases. This, the final book of the Chiril Chronicles, takes a slightly different direction than its predecessors, but as far as adventure, humor, and truth goes, Dragons of the Watch definitely fulfills the established style of the author. If you’ve enjoyed her other books, you won’t want to miss this heart-warming conclusion.

Red Rain

Our rating: ****

Philadelphia lives with her father in a restricted compound for the religious, held there by the United, the world power. When her father is chosen to go to Mars for a secret mission and Philadelphia is forced to accompany him, she stumbles on secrets that she wasn’t ever supposed to find out. Secrets that could destroy everything she’s ever known if she’s not careful.

As the debut novel of author Aubrey Hansen, Red Rain has a lot going for it. It’s a fast-paced, well-written book with all the trappings that go with that label. Interesting characters, intriguing mysteries, plot twists—it’s all here. My only complaint, and it’s minor, is that there was room for some more exploration of the underlying themes to really make parts of the narrative keep you awake at night pondering the impossible choices. But as an exciting afternoon read, Red Rain shines brilliantly. More, please!