Our rating: ****½

The Searat captain Vizka Longtooth captures a young badger, which he decides to tame. But Gorath (the badger) is angry at the rats for killing his grandparents, and he plans to escape as soon as he can. Meanwhile, badger lord Asheye has a dream, telling him that Salamandastron’s new badger ruler will be found defending Redwall Abbey. He sends out perilous hare Mad Maudie to find the badger and bring him back. If that wasn’t complicated enough, Redwall Abbey has also banished a young hedgehog thief, telling him not to come back for a whole season. The resulting tale does indeed end up making sense in true Redwall fashion.

Doing a review of a Redwall book is always a challenge. I have read all eighteen books before this one, and I already have a favorite picked out. That being said, Eulalia! certainly meets expectations. The characters are just as memorable as always, the story just as complicated, and the ending just as satisfying.

The Wind in the Willows

Our rating: *****

Mole, tired of spring cleaning, decides to leave his cozy little home and take a walk. His ramblings take him to The River, where he meets the Water Rat and the fun begins. Mole stays with Rat in his bank-side home and enjoys sharing the Rat’s love of boating. While staying there, Mole becomes friends with Otter, Mr. Badger, and Mr. Toad. Everything progresses nicely, until the Toad decides to try the wandering life of a gypsy and takes Mole and Rat along. In a highway accident, their lovely little cart is upset by a motorcar. The Mole and Rat are very annoyed, but Toad becomes infatuated with the speed and sound of motorcars and orders one of his own. Unfortunately, he disregards all rules. Badger, Rat, and Mole set out to help their friend over his dangerous driving habits, despite personal discomfort.

How to describe The Wind in the Willows? Sheer, wonderful bliss from beginning to end. There are so many adventures, so many thrills and joys. This is one of my favorite books. This is as good as it gets. (Unless you count Winnie-the-Pooh.) Don’t miss it! It’s perfect for children, young adults, and adults who are young or feel young. I have also enjoyed the audio book, read by Flo Gibson, on numerous occasions. I can close my eyes and hear whole parts of the book. A delightful story.

The Great Redwall Feast

Our rating: ****

“Oho!” you say. “Sarah finally gets to read Redwall books!” Not quite. This can serve as a hold-over picture book for younger readers who can’t read the Redwall Series yet. (Like me.) There’s another Redwall picture book called A Redwall Winter’s Tale. Older readers who can read the Redwall Series will probably enjoy these picture books, as well as younger readers. I didn’t have much trouble understanding the mole-talk. (Except once, and then I finally got it figured out.) And now, here is a delightful summary of The Great Redwall Feast!

The animals in Redwall are preparing a secret feast for the abbot. After the abbot wakes up from his nap, he goes with Constance, Foremole and Matthias on a Bobbatan Quest for a Weary Nod. Is the abbot turning old and silly?

Martin the Warrior

Our rating: ****

The story of Martin’s childhood of slavery, and his struggles to free his fellow slaves from the tyrant stoat, Badrang. With the help of Laterose the mousemaid, Grumm the mole, the Rambling Rosehip Players led by the hare, Ballaw De Quincewold, and others, Martin begins an epic battle for freedom.

I must explain that I only gave this book four stars because it has several sad parts. However, it has plenty of action and plenty of funny characters. The pigmy shrews are absolutely hilarious, and of course, where there’s a hare, there will be laughter. A most enjoyable book.


Our rating: *****

Riftgard has been taken over by the evil ferrets who have imprisoned and enslaved the woodlanders living there. Triss the squirrel, Welfo the hedgehog and Shogg the otter are secretly planning to escape. Simultaneously, the badger Lord Hightor’s son, Sagaxus and the hare Bescarum run off to seek adventure with the sea otter Kroova Wavedog. And to top it all off, Redwallers are on the trail of rediscovering Brockhall. This is wonderful story. A definite must-read.

This is absolutely one of my favorite Redwall books. I couldn’t tell you anymore in the review without giving things away. But please read it and find out how it ends! There’s plenty of humor. Bescarum, (affectionately called Scarum) has some hilarious songs that he sings. Which you can expect from practically any hare. Lots of duels and fighting. Some large adders and a bunch of free-booters. Please excuse me. I want to go read it now.