Follow My Leader

Our rating: ****

Young Jimmy Carter (not the president) is blinded in an accident involving a firework. He finds it hard to accept what has happened and doesn’t think he can do anything on his own again. Then he is admitted to a guide dog school and finds his confidence coming back under the influence of his teachers and the other students. Back home, Jimmy even runs his own newspaper stand. There is only one thing Jimmy finds extremely difficult: Forgiving Mike, the boy who caused the accident.

One of the things I like about Follow My Leader┬áis that Jimmy is urged to give up his hatred for Mike by many people. He also has to convince his friends to do the same. The parts of the story at the guide dog school are interesting and provide a good look at how people are paired with a guide dog. I also like how Jimmy and his family have to give up the “Jimmy’s helpless because he’s blind” attitude for Jimmy to succeed.