Our rating: ****

The black egg has hatched and the dragon prince has emerged. Long-told prophecies of doom strike fear in the enslaved humans. Jason and Koren race to the Northlands in search of help, but the Starlighter seems irrevocably connected to the dragon prince and must decide if returning to him and his chains will prove to be the best for her people. Elyssa and Wallace still battle for the slaves’ freedom, uncovering mysterious history along the way; and Tibalt and Randall, back on Major Four, are confronted with problems of their own. Jason is tested, Koren is conflicted, and the struggle for truth grows harder. One thing is clear: the stakes are raising and time is running short.

The second book in Bryan Davis’ Dragons of Starlight series, Warrior, delves deeper into the established story and throws in some pretty surprising plot twists while it’s at it. I had to concentrate to keep track of all the characters and plot lines, but the book is certainly worthwhile and does an excellent job of keeping things interesting while setting up for the third book, Diviner.

Song of the Ovulum

Our rating: *****

This is the story of what happened to the characters from Dragons in Our Midst and Oracles of Fire fifteen years after those series ended. Bonnie and Ashley, both anthrozils (humans with dragon traits) have been imprisoned for fear of dragon sympathies. Bonnie and Billy’s twin children have been placed in foster care with no knowledge of their dragon heritage. Walter (Ashley’s husband) is free and trying to break his friends out. But he’s going to need the help of both anthrozil children to pull it off. Add to that a parallel backstory beginning back at Noah’s flood, and you’ve got one wild ride of a sequel. Buckle up.

When I first heard about Bryan Davis’ plans to continue the Dragons in Our Midst books, I was skeptical. The eight-book saga spanned the dimensions, carrying a deep and gripping plot to a satisfying conclusion. Why continue? Well, I shouldn’t have doubted. This may not be the best of the Dragons saga (though it is one of the better ones), but it lays the groundwork for much more to come. I cannot wait to see where this story goes in the future books. Consider my hat held onto.

Masters and Slayers

Our rating: *****

Adrian Masters is chosen by a secret society known as the Underground Gateway to find a portal to a dragon planet. According to legend, dragons from this planet captured and enslaved humans many years ago. Adrian believes the legend is true and will stop at nothing to free the slaves. Meanwhile, his friend Marcelle discovers a plot by the government to kill Adrian before he can complete his mission. Together, Adrian and Marcelle must thwart both dragons and humans if they plan to survive on the dragon planet.

Masters and Slayers is supposed to be a companion book to Bryan Davis’ earlier teen novel Starlighter. It succeeds smashingly in that respect, but goes deeper and stands on its own. Readers of both books will find connections everywhere. Those who have yet to experience Starlighter will enjoy a rich fantasy world peopled by many mysteriously deep characters. Regardless of category, both sets of readers will be sent frantically scrambling to Amazon.com to check the release date of the sequel.

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Today we’re highlighting one of our prize sponsors. Bryan Davis is an author who writes some great fantasy books. He has written several series and also has the distinct honor of a nearly perfect five-star record here on Incredibooks (we’ve only rated two of his books lower: four-and-a-half stars). Here are the first books of three of his series: Read the rest of this entry »


Our rating: *****

Dragons from another world who kidnapped humans into slavery? Jason Masters has never held much regard for the old myths, but when his temporary promotion to castle guard takes an unexpected turn, he discovers more than enough evidence to sway his views. In danger and determined to solve the growing mysteries, Jason sets out with a few others to find the hidden portal and rescue the captives. Meanwhile, Koren, a slave girl on the dragon planet, discovers that her unique storytelling ability is very powerful—and very dangerous. Events propel her into a tangle of intrigue, dragon secrets, and prophecies. Her desire to help the slaves is strong, but it could come at great cost.

Excellent start to a brand-new series! I’ve been looking forward to Starlighter for some time, and the combination of Mr. Davis’s familiar writing style with new characters and a new story was delightful. The pacing was good, and I enjoyed the “double fantasy” feel with both Jason’s world and the dragon world. Worthwhile for fans of Bryan Davis and newcomers alike. Can’t wait for the next book!