Sarah, Plain and Tall

Our rating: ***

Out in the country of early America, Anna and Caleb’s father puts an ad in the newspaper for a wife. His previous wife died not long after Caleb’s birth. A woman named Sarah answers the ad and comes to live with them for a month for a trial period. But often she misses the sea, where she came from. Will Sarah stay, or will she return to the sea?

A somewhat simple, short story. I read Sarah, Plain and Tall in about an hour, if I remember correctly. This book might be a little better for people younger than me. It’s alright, but not my favorite. Oh, and Sarah, Plain and Tall is the beginning of a trilogy. There are two more books after this one.

Why the Chicken Crossed the Road

Our rating: ****

A chicken crosses the road, beginning a hilarious chain reaction involving a burglar, an explosion, and stampeding cows.

Macaulay’s genius shines through brilliantly. The adults reading this book will enjoy it more than the children they are reading to. Make sure you look closely at the pictures for speech bubbles, goofy happenings, and the burglar hiding on most pages.

The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet

Our rating: ****

When David sees an ad in the newspaper about someone named Mr. Bass wanting a spaceship, he plans on being the first person to build a spaceship and bring it to Mr. Bass. He and his friend Chuck build a spaceship and bring it to Thallo Street, Mr. Bass sends them off on an adventure to rescue the people living on the small planet Basidium-X!

This was an interesting story and I enjoyed it.

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz

Our rating: ****

Dorothy, her cat Eureka, a horse named Jim and Dorothy’s cousin Zeb are caught in an earthquake and fall into the depths of the earth. They find themselves in a strange country, where the people are vegetables. While the vegetable people are deciding what to do with them, Dorothy’s old friend, the Wizard of Oz, falls from the sky in his balloon. He joins them in an attempt to escape the vegetable people and get back to the surface of the earth. But they may have to journey to Oz.

I didn’t like this one quite as much. It’s only the fourth in the series, and as you read through the whole series, it gets a little better. About two thirds of this book is about the journey to Oz, and the rest is about what they do when they get there. It’s a fun story, but I enjoyed the fifth book The Road to Oz a lot better.

Along Came a Dog

Our rating: ****

The only red hen in the man’s henhouse has frozen her toes off. The man’s boss advices him to kill the hen, but the man is very attached to her. He decides to keep the hen. Unfortunately, the red hen is repeatedly mobbed by the other hens. Her only protector is a large black dog who even steals eggs for her. But the man doesn’t trust the dog. He tries to lose it in the city. But the dog has appointed himself to protect the red hen, his only companion.

This is a very heart-warming story. It’s more about the hen and the dog than the man, so the man doesn’t really have a name. Not quite as good as some other books by DeJong, but still enjoyable. I very much recommend this book.