The Lost World

Our rating: ****

Ed Alalone, an English reporter, seeking to distinguish himself in the eyes of one Gladys Hungerton, goes in search of a dangerous adventure and winds up in the wilds of South America. He, two professors of science, and Lord John Roxton (big game hunter) are searching for a conjectured land — one that has been sheltered from outside influence time out of mind, and one where dinosaurs still exist.

And I’ll leave it at that. How to write a book summary in two sentences. On a serious note, though, I really enjoy this book. Granted, the whole thing is based off of the theory of evolution, but setting that aside, it’s great. Very interesting, some very funny parts, and a very large sprinkling of terror. (Imagine yourself in the dark jungle at night, no gun, and you start hearing stealthy noises behind you… Dinosaur noises… Get the picture?) Don’t read it at night and you’ll be fine. I also don’t recommend going outside at night after reading it and hearing the bushes rustle. Oh, and some of you may recognize Doyle as the author of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries.