Our rating: *****

Now that the dragon population is on the rise, Kale has a myriad of dragon-keeping duties that consume her time. Bardon whisks her away on a quest with meech dragons Regidor and Gilda, who are searching for a lost meech colony. However, there is a subtle evil infiltrating Amara. A group calling themselves Followers claims that to truly follow Wulder, one must follow a strict set of rules. Kale, Bardon, and their friends must discern the truth, find the lost meech colony, and battle an ancient evil.

Folks, this book is deep! I don’t think I even scratched the surface with my summary. Donita K. Paul wraps up her amazing DragonKeeper Chronicles with a satisfying and delightful finale, answering many questions raised in the first four books, and opening the way for a few more. Of course, wonderful truths run through the entire book, making it more than just a story. I was so happy to find that characters absent from DragonFire reappeared here. The only problem I have is that this is the end of one of my favorite series. That aside (and it’s not much of a complaint!), DragonLight is certainly not to be missed.


Our rating: *****

Three years after DragonKnight, Kale and Bardon, now married, emerge from The Bogs to find Amara in upheaval. Crim Cropper and Burner Stox have split, fighting against one another and destroying the country in the process, tossing armies back and forth like so many pots and pans. Kale is paired with her father to find and rescue a battalion of dragons, while Bardon remains to serve as best he can quenching evil and restoring peace. Both will face challenges greater than ever before.

As soon as I got my hands on a copy of this book, I stuck to it with a grip like a bodoggin on its next meal. I devoured it at breakneck pace, and my head spun for a day or two afterward. DragonFire delves deeper into the hearts and minds of Kale and Bardon than any of its predecessors. I felt that something was missing, though, and partway through the book I discovered what it was. No Toopka. No Librettowit and Taylaminkadot. N’Rae is mentioned briefly, but her whereabouts, as well as Granny Kye and Holt’s, are absent. But on the other hand, I think having so many familiar characters would crowd the book. This is an important one in the series to really establish Kale and Bardon and who they are. I’m glad DragonLight is coming, though.


Our rating: *****

After three years of training, Bardon is on his way to his sabbatical to prepare for knighthood. His plans are interrupted, however, by N’Rae and Granny Kye, who want his help rescuing several knights who will die if the spell they are under is not broken in time. This is more easily said than done, but Bardon agrees, and joined by Holt Haddok, Bromptotterpindosset, Jue Seeno, and others, they set off to break the spell.

The third book in the DragonKeeper series is a bit different. The whole book follows Bardon, and Kale doesn’t show her face until the final quarter of the book. I found myself missing the cute minor dragons, but Bardon’s swashbuckling made up for their absence. Bardon’s dragon, Greer, is very fun. Donita K. Paul has another winner!


Our rating: *****

No sooner is Kale admitted to The Hall, when Wizard Fenworth sends word that she is needed. The meech dragon has hatched and Fenworth is completely exasperated with it. And so the adventure begins. What with Risto planning to create plenty of trouble, Kale trying to find her mother, and a rebellion of dragons, this is an extremely enjoyable book. Kale, along with Bardon, a Lehman from The Hall, has quite a task to accomplish. One that can only be accomplished with the help of Paladin.

Wow! This was definitely an “experience” book. Fenworth is great in this one. Regidor, the meech dragon, was a little different than I expected, but after a while, I wouldn’t have him any other way. Unfortunately, the mordakleeps and blimmets are back, along with a new terror: Creemoor spiders. I can’t say that I enjoy spiders, and the way the Creemoor spiders are described really gets you. If you have a problem with spiders, you probably don’t want to read that part at night. (Especially if your closet door is open!) Fortunately, I was warned beforehand and I read it during the day, on the couch. But please do read this book. It’s a great sequel to DragonSpell. Oh, by the way, Gymn and Metta get some new friends in this one! (There, now hopefully you’ll want to read it.)


Our rating: *****

A dragon meech egg is held captive with an urgent need for rescue. Held within the very center of the evil Risto’s stronghold, this will be no easy task. Lord Paladin, for reasons seemingly unknown, selects Kale, a former slave girl, to undertake the mission. Unused to adventure of any sort, she is joined by Dar and Leetu who promise to guide her along the way. But when something goes wrong, the quest complicates by the moment.

This has to be one of the best fantasy books I have ever read! I enjoyed every minute reading this book and I couldn’t put it down. The baby dragons are adorable in their own special way, and Dar is quite a character. Definitely a five star and a must-read! I’m looking forward to reading Donita K. Paul’s next book: DragonQuest.