Bookmark: Fun Fantasy

Part of our Read-a-Thon 2010 highlight posts.

Almost everybody likes a good fantasy novel. There are so many good ones that get missed among the “super-stars” that we decided to share some of our more obscure favorites in the “fun” sub-genre of fantasy. Read the rest of this entry »

Magic or Not?

Our rating: ***

James and Laura, brother and sister moving to the country, meet a strange girl who mentions a wishing well. When James and Laura arrive at their new house, they find it has a well! Could it be the wishing well the girl mentioned? They meet a new friend named Kip and also become friends with the strange girl, whose name is Lydia. Together they go through adventure after adventure with the wishing well, but is the well really magic?

Lydia is probably my favorite character in this book. Magic or Not? has some bad language in it, but it’s still fun, though not a must-read in my opinion.

Seven-Day Magic

Our rating: ****

Barnaby, Fredricka, Abbie, John, and Susan all love books. And they agree that the best kind of book is a magic book. One day at the library, they just so happen to find such a book. Though, of course, at the time, they don’t realize it. Then they find out that the book (you guessed it!) grants wishes. They take turns making wishes, and end up having to get themselves out of all sorts of trouble.

Another great Eager book. As in his others, the children have to figure out what rules the magic operates by, and how to use it to their best advantage. I also find it funny that the girl from the very end of Half Magic makes an appearance in this one.

Magic by the Lake

Our rating: ****

Jane, Mark, Katharine, and Martha of Half Magic fame are back. On vacation at a lake, Mark catches a turtle, and Jane dreamily wishes for a magic lake. The next thing the children know, the turtle tells them that they’ve gotten their wish, and they’ve made a huge mistake: A lake full of magic is way too much magic! After adding some rules about days when the magic will happen, the turtle leaves them to their fate – with hilarious results.

Next to Half Magic, Magic by the Lake is my favorite Eager book so far. It’s probably the most exciting Eager book I’ve read. Unfortunately, the ending is a bit predictable, but other than that, this book is a lot of fun.

The Time Garden

Our rating: ***

Roger and Ann’s father writes a play and must go to England for the premier. So, once again, Roger and Ann get to stay with their cousins, Jack and Eliza. Only, Jack and Eliza’s parents are going to England too, so all the children go to stay in an old house in Connecticut. Magic awaits them in the garden of thyme, in the form of a Natterjack (a British toad-like creature), who tells them of the magical properties of the thyme. Of course, the magic is through time travel (har har).

Quite interesting, with funny adventures, but not nearly as fun as Half Magic. The ending is satisfying, although a bit predictable. The Time Garden is worth reading, but I found the puns to be a little much.