The Golden Goblet

Our rating: ****½

Ranofer, a young Egyptian boy, wants nothing more than to become a goldsmith like his father was. But his cruel half-brother Gebu has other plans, and soon Ranofer is bound to a dreary life in the stonecutter’s shop. When suspicious acts of Gebu’s turn up, though, Ranofer—with the help of his only two friends, Heqet and The Ancient One—determines to prove Gebu guilty. Dangers await, but Ranofer is willing to risk everything for his freedom.

The Golden Goblet impressed me as a very good book. It’s easy to get caught up in Ranofer’s plight, sympathizing with him and wondering how it will turn out. It also provides a neat look into ancient Egypt and what things were like then, yet it does so without distracting from the story at all. I’d say it’s an excellent read, and definitely worthwhile.