Freddy’s Cousin Weedly

Our rating: *****

When Jinx and Freddy go to visit Freddy’s cousins up at the Macy farm, timid little Weedly goes back with Jinx, who has adopted him as nephew. Back at the Bean farm, while Mr. and Mrs. Bean are away in Europe, Aunt Effie and Uncle Snedeker have moved in and are after one of Mrs. Bean’s most prized possessions, a silver teapot! Will the animals be able to stop them before it’s too late?

Though the book focuses more on Jinx and Cousin Weedly than Freddy, it is still a very good book. I really liked reading about the play they put on!!!

The Story of Freginald

Our rating: ***

This story of a young bear is very enjoyable. His parents couldn’t decide what to name him, so his great-grandfather, thinking he was a she, named him Louise. As the other young bears teased him about his name, Louise spent lots of time by himself, and began making poetry. He becomes a member of Mr. Boomschmidt’s circus, where they change his name to Freginald, and, with the aid of Freddy, uncovers an unscrupulous man who is attempting to put Mr. Boomschmidt out of business.

At first, I was sort of disappointed that this story’s star wasn’t Freddy, but there are so many fun parts that I couldn’t help liking it. The circus animals are back in full force, and Freginald has some humorous adventures.

Freddy Goes Camping

Our rating: ****

The mysterious Mr. Eha has been underhandedly trying to get Mrs. Filmore to sell her hotel. With the aid of rats, Mr. Eha is secretly making the hotel seem haunted and run-down. It’s up to Freddy, with the help of the Bean animals and his good friend Mr. Camphor, to defeat Mr. Eha and drive the rats away. Woven into the story is a funny subplot where Mr. Camphor’s two aunts, Aunt Elmira and Aunt Minerva have come to visit him.

Walter R. Brooks can certainly write an amusing story and this one is no exception. It’s not as hilarious as Freddy and the Flying Saucer Plans, but it is a gem of a Freddy. A quick tip: Freddy and the Baseball Team from Mars will make more sense if you read this one first.

Freddy the Cowboy

Our rating: *****

Cal Flint is a cowboy, who starts a ranch near the Bean Farm. Forced to buy Cal’s horse Cy, so that Cal won’t beat Cy to death, Freddy thinks he has a bad deal. But then Cy teaches Freddy how to ride, and the fun begins! Then Cal gets mad, because Freddy can ride a horse that he couldn’t stay on. He’s out to shoot Freddy and rob the First Animal Bank, but Freddy and his friends have a few tricks up their sleeves…

While I was reading Freddy the Cowboy, I was prepared to say that it wasn’t as good as some of the others. However, when you get to the last five chapters, the books really starts to get exciting! That makes up for the slower beginning. Also a good book to read, Freddy Rides Again contains more of Freddy’s adventures as a cowboy.

Freddy and Mr. Camphor

Our rating: ****

Summer has arrived and it finds a very bored Freddy. So when Freddy finds a help-wanted job asking for the services of caretaker for a big summer mansion, he’s sure that he has found the perfect way to spend a peaceful summer. Far from it! Soon he learns that Simon and his rat gang are back to their old tricks, and Freddy must think of a way to get rid of them. And on top of that, Mr. Winch, the cook’s husband starts planting stolen property on Freddy, so when Mr. Camphor returns, he thinks Freddy has been stealing from him. Freddy ends up in a huge mess and must try to prove himself innocent.

As usual, Freddy manages to outsmart his adversaries with hilarious results. Elmo and Waldo are two very funny characters and Mr. Webb returns in an effort to form a bug’s cause in the war. This is another great Freddy book.