Pigeon Post

Our rating: ****

The gang from Swallows and Amazons is back for book six. This time around, they leave the boats behind and strike out inland to find gold. Mining operations are in full swing, and they may even have found something. But a mysterious figure with a squashy hat is dogging their every move. Is he after the gold? Will he try to jump their claim? Adventure abounds in this action-packed sixth Swallows and Amazons book.

I had all sorts of fun reading Pigeon Post. There are lots of exciting parts requiring much “lurking” (the crew’s term for stealth maneuvers—gotta love it!). The signature Arthur Ransome adventures and storytelling come to a head in a masterful ending that captures the dream of the gold hunt quite properly. My only qualm with this delightful tale is a few chapters semi-devoted to (successful) attempts to dowse a well. But that’s a minor part of this tale, and the rest is wonderful. The childhood gold miner in everyone will be satisfied here!