Pirate Shishkabob

Our rating: *****

Recounts the tale of Pirate Shishkabob, a most unconventional buccaneer who pillages ingredients for his kabobs instead of treasure. One day, he gets a letter from King Egleburt asking him to help out with a very serious problem…

Here’s a simple, delightful story for the young and young at heart. Clever text is combined with grin-inducing illustrations. Unlike many children’s books, Pirate Shishkabob is silly without resorting to stupidity. Really, if you can’t read this book without smiling, something is seriously wrong with you.

An Interview with Author Katie Lynn Daniels

Pirate Shishkabob CoverJust recently, we found out about a great picture book by new author Katie Lynn Daniels. Katie was gracious enough to agree to do an e-mail interview with us.

Incredibooks: First off, tell us a little bit about your new book.

Katie Lynn Daniels: The Tale of Pirate Shishkabob is a picture book about a bunch of very unusual pirates. They sail the high seas terrorizing merchant vessels for a fresh supply of fruits and vegetables, rather than gold and treasure. I got the idea when my little pirate brother and I started sword fighting over a pile of meat we were supposed to be kabobbing. Read the rest of this entry »