The Robe

Our rating: ****

Tribune Marcellus of the Roman army angers a prince and is sent to command a fort in Minoa, a notorious outpost in Israel where military offenders are sent as an “honor.” While there, he is ordered to crucify Jesus Christ — and wins His robe. Afterward, Marcellus is commissioned by curious emperor Tiberius to find out all he can about this mysterious man Jesus, so that he can report the facts to the dying emperor.

Vivid and captivating. Douglas spins a good story that is very intense. All sorts of things have happened by the time you are even a quarter of the way finished. Demetrius, Marcellus’ slave, is a good example of a loyal friend, and I’m very glad he was included in the book. This is a well-written story with many plot twists, but it has a few problems. A few things in here are just downright odd. However, if you can get past a few quirks, The Robe is well worth the time you’ll need to finish such a long book.