Jo’s Boys

Our rating: ****

In this, the final book chronicling the March family and their doings, Plumfield has grown up amazingly. They even have a college! The group of children from Little Men (the second book), star in this book, and are now young adults. Nan has become a promising doctor, Bess is more graceful and queenly then ever, Dan is still energetic and spontaneous, and many of the others are doing well. Jo’s Boys follows all of these young adults through their lives, ambitions, and yes, loves. Filled with humor and realistic experiences, this is a fitting climax to these wonderful books.

(Whew!) These books are hard to write reviews for! It must be a Louisa May Alcott thing. There is such an abundance of believability in them, mixed with humor and tragedy. And they follow so many different characters. But don’t think they’re confusing, on the contrary, they feel very natural and enjoyable. They can seem so real! Jo’s Boys itself is a fun book, hard to describe, but still great. Please read it, it is not to be missed.

Little Women

Our rating: *****

Let me see, a book review that does this book justice? Practically impossible to write. Okay, how about partial justice? Sorry, can’t happen here. Alright, a review that hints in the barest possible way? I’ll have to stretch myself. In short, I can’t begin to describe how good this book is! The characters are so life-like and enjoyable.

This book is about a family. The father is away as a chaplain in the army, leaving the mother and four daughters, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, at home by themselves. Meg is the oldest, Jo is tomboy-ish and dreams of being a great author, Beth is sweet, and Amy is an artist. They have all sorts of adventures in a wonderfully simple (or incredible) way. Please read this book. I haven’t even begun to give a vague hint of how great it is!

I will warn you girls, however, be prepared to cry! There is a very sad part. However, the rest can be absolutely hilarious! I’m going to go read it again right now.