Urchin of the Riding Stars

Our rating: ***½

The animals on Mistmantle Island have always led peaceful lives, but things are thrown into chaos when the young Prince Tumble is found murdered right in a hallway of the royal Tower. As harsher laws are passed and events orchestrate themselves a little too well, it becomes evident that an evil intrigue has formed within the Circle—and will endanger the lives and welfare of many.
Urchin is only a new page and the squirrel who’s never quite fit in, but those few animals who know of his mysterious beginning are sure he’ll have a powerful impact on the destiny of the island.

This is certainly an enjoyable read. The populace of squirrels, hedgehogs, otters, and moles bears a similarity to the Redwall series, but I found the overall feel to be different enough that it doesn’t seem like a case of copycat. This was my second time through Urchin, and although I don’t consider it a must-read, it’s worthwhile if you enjoy this style of fantasy.