The Whisper of Glocken

Our rating: ***½

Five years after the invasion of the Mushrooms, a new problem has arisen. The Watercress river, flowing through the valley of the Minnipins, has changed direction and begun flooding the towns. Five unlikely heroes, Glocken, Silky, Scumble, Gam Lutie, and Crustabread, are commissioned by the five old Heroes to journey outside the valley and find the source of the flooding. With them goes the ancient Whisper Stone, which has been passed down through Glocken’s family for generations, and contains the secret for finding the legendary Whisper of Glocken, a bell now known only in pretend-stories.

This was an interesting read, but I don’t like it as much as its prequel. Some important parts of it seemed a bit vague and confusing, and sometimes I’d get turned around and couldn’t figure out exactly where the main characters were. It’s also more strange than the first book, because the Minnipins spend most of their time outside the valley, where they meet strange creatures and plants, and even full-size humans. Overall, not as good as The Gammage Cup, but it might be worth reading just for the sake of reading it.

The Gammage Cup

Our rating: *****

Years ago the hero Gammage had led the Minnipin people to safety in The-Land-Between-The-Mountains. Now the Minnipins have grown soft and won’t listen when five of the villagers tell of seeing campfires on the supposedly impassable mountains. One thing leads to another, and the five are finally outlawed from the village. It is up to Muggles, Mingy, Gummy, Curley Green, and Walter the Earl to save the very ones who have cast them out.

I very much enjoy this book. The characters are well-portrayed, and the story itself makes you pause and reflect. There is not much adventure until the end, but it doesn’t come across as slow. Overall it is an excellent read.