My Brother Sam is Dead

Our rating: ***½

Tim Meeker lives in a small town with his parents and his only sibling, Sam. The town is sympathetic to the Tories, so Mr. Meeker is astonished to hear that Sam is going to fight on the American side in the coming war for independence from Britain. Once Sam leaves, Tim has to take on more responsibility. Not only does he have to do Sam’s chores at the family tavern, but he also needs to choose which side he will support in the Revolutionary War. Should he side with Sam, or should he side with the rest of the town?

This story, told through Tim’s eyes, is a good account of what the ordinary civilian would experience during the Revolution. I marked it for older readers because, although it doesn’t take place on the front lines of battle, there are some unpleasant details. Altogether, My Brother Sam is Dead is an enjoyable and thought-provoking read.