Our rating: *****

Dragons from another world who kidnapped humans into slavery? Jason Masters has never held much regard for the old myths, but when his temporary promotion to castle guard takes an unexpected turn, he discovers more than enough evidence to sway his views. In danger and determined to solve the growing mysteries, Jason sets out with a few others to find the hidden portal and rescue the captives. Meanwhile, Koren, a slave girl on the dragon planet, discovers that her unique storytelling ability is very powerful—and very dangerous. Events propel her into a tangle of intrigue, dragon secrets, and prophecies. Her desire to help the slaves is strong, but it could come at great cost.

Excellent start to a brand-new series! I’ve been looking forward to Starlighter for some time, and the combination of Mr. Davis’s familiar writing style with new characters and a new story was delightful. The pacing was good, and I enjoyed the “double fantasy” feel with both Jason’s world and the dragon world. Worthwhile for fans of Bryan Davis and newcomers alike. Can’t wait for the next book!

Bryan Davis Announces Starlighter Tour Dates

Bryan Davis has posted tour dates and locations for his Starlighter book release tour.

Check out his tour site or Facebook event for more information.