The Trumpet of the Swan

Our rating: ****

Louis is different from all the other cygnets in one way: he lacks a voice. A Trumpeter Swan without a voice is a rather unheard of thing, and his father risks his life to bring Louis a trumpet. Louis learns how to play and sets out to earn enough money to pay for the stolen trumpet.

An enjoyable read. E. B. White’s style of writing can be rather humorous at times. The idea of a Trumpeter Swan actually playing a trumpet is rather whimsical.

By the Shores of Silver Lake

Our rating: ****

When Aunt Docia comes and offers Pa a job further west, Pa accepts. The Ingalls move west and settle down by the shores of Silver Lake. (Thus explaining the title.)

There’s a pretty good amount of stuff happening in By the Shores of Silver Lake. The Ingalls don’t stay at Silver Lake for the entire book. I like By the Shores of Silver Lake. You may pick it up and expect to be bored, but it’s really not very boring! Even though there is a somewhat sad part near the beginning, please read this book.