How to Promote the Read-a-Thon

Registration opens in two weeks, and excitement is building here at Incredibooks. This is the time of year when we splash the Read-a-Thon across the Internet and tell as many friends as we can. After all, it only comes once a year, and we don’t want anyone to miss it.

Do you have friends who love reading or are looking for something better than TV this summer? Tell them about the Read-a-Thon! Here are some ways you can help us promote this program.

  • Facebook. A great tool, a great way to stay in touch. Publish a bit of your excitement over the Read-a-Thon, or scribble the information on a friend’s wall.
  • Blogs. Post about the upcoming events with links and lots of exclamation points. Want something a little more special? We’ve made banners for you use. Download one and show everybody that you’re going to be doing a lot of reading.
  • Talk! Spread the word at school, church, or any place where there are people. Maybe even see if your librarian will spread the word. You never know who might be looking for a reason to read! We have a Read-a-Thon bookmark that might start some conversations for you.
  • Twitter. Like to tweet? Tell everybody about the Read-a-Thon in 140 characters or less.

Get out there and make a splash. We want this to be the best Read-a-Thon ever!