A Horse’s Tale

Our rating: ***

Soldier Boy, Buffalo Bill’s horse, is one of the finest scout horses in the west. When an orphan named Catherine comes to stay with General Alison, Kathy becomes good friends with everyone at the garrison, including Buffalo Bill who allows her to ride Soldier Boy. After a period of time, Kathy, General Alison, and some others return to Spain (Kathy’s home), and they take Soldier Boy with them. Unfortunately, Soldier Boy is stolen and eventually is killed in a bullfight.

This is reminiscent of A Dog’s Tale in that the hero of the story, Soldier Boy, dies. However, it takes it a step further because Kathy dies too! There are some funny parts, particularly one in which Soldier Boy and another horse discuss what makes something a reptile — “That any plantigrade circumflex vertebrate bacterium that hadn’t wings and was uncertain was a reptile.”

Freddy Rides Again

Our rating: ****

Mr. Elihu Margarine and his family have just moved to the Beans’ neighborhood. Mr. Margarine likes to hunt foxes and he rides over everyone’s property, not caring what gets destroyed. And on top of that, a rattlesnake is threatening the lives of several animals. Freddy is determined to stop both menaces, but it’s not an easy task.

Like most of the Freddy series, this is a very funny book. Freddy’s Comanche Kid disguise adds to the humor. I very much recommend that you read this book. Enjoy!

By the Great Horn Spoon!

Our rating: *****

Jack and his aunt’s butler Praiseworthy are stowaways on a ship headed for gold territory. They try to be honest stowaways and present themselves to the captain, who puts them to work tending the steam boiler. Captain Swain is not happy, as he is in a race with another steam ship, with heavy bets on both sides. And once they reach gold country, what will Praiseworthy do when he accidentally acquires a reputation as a fighter, and is challenged by The Mountain Ox, the roughest, toughest gold miner in California?

Sid Fleischman writes a good yarn, while making parts of it believable. Just about every page has some joke to it. Praiseworthy is a great mastermind, and Jack is always willing to go along. The ending may surprise you. There’s an interesting plot twist in there.

Freddy the Cowboy

Our rating: *****

Cal Flint is a cowboy, who starts a ranch near the Bean Farm. Forced to buy Cal’s horse Cy, so that Cal won’t beat Cy to death, Freddy thinks he has a bad deal. But then Cy teaches Freddy how to ride, and the fun begins! Then Cal gets mad, because Freddy can ride a horse that he couldn’t stay on. He’s out to shoot Freddy and rob the First Animal Bank, but Freddy and his friends have a few tricks up their sleeves…

While I was reading Freddy the Cowboy, I was prepared to say that it wasn’t as good as some of the others. However, when you get to the last five chapters, the books really starts to get exciting! That makes up for the slower beginning. Also a good book to read, Freddy Rides Again contains more of Freddy’s adventures as a cowboy.

Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West

Our rating: ****

In this true story, Annie Bronn, also known as “Wild Horse Annie,” feels she belongs with mustangs. She faces sickness and other problems but finally comes to a new ranch, where she grows up. After marrying, life is wonderful—until she is faced with a sight that will change her life forever. She risks her life again and again to save the mustangs that the cruel mustangers are heartlessly slaughtering. Her endeavor actually brings her to the White House, but will Annie be able to save the wild horses before they are destroyed forever?

I enjoyed reading this book! Mustangs… Adventures… Despairs… etc. Be careful, you might not want to put it down!