The Cricket in Times Square

Our rating: ***

Chester Cricket finds himself stranded in New York, after falling asleep in someone’s picnic basket out in the Old Meadow. Lost and alone, he stays hidden under a newspaper near the station until a boy named Mario finds him and promptly adopts him as a pet. Mario’s family owns a newspaper stand, and the business is poor, but maybe Chester’s musical talent can help bring in more customers. As well as helping Mario’s family, the cricket has time for being with his new friends in New York: Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse, who live in the nearby drainpipe.

Though not one of my all-time favorites, this book is good now and then for a quick, fun read. Harry and Tucker add a lot to the story, with their personalities.

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  1. oh, this is one of my old favorites! I have a copy too…its a great book!

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