Book Tips

How to find out of print books:

If you read a lot, you’ll probably notice that some authors have a few books that are out of print. Some of our favorites are out of print. Here’s how to find those hidden gems:

How to get bad smells out of books:

Well, it’s inevitable that if you buy used books, sooner or later, you will get one that smells bad. Here’s how to remove the stink:

Put the book in a bin, and then add one of the following:

  • Fabric Softener Sheets
  • Kitty Litter
  • Charcoal Aquarium Filters
  • Newspaper

Leave the book for a day or two, and then smell it. If it still smells bad, repeat the process.

Where to store your books:

On the bookshelves, of course! Where else would you put your books?! Seriously, do not store your books in a garage or basement. Your books will quickly become mildewed and will smell bad. Also, don’t cram the books on the shelf. A good rule of thumb is if more books come off the shelf when you pull one off, you’re squishing the books a little too tight.