Little Women

Our rating: *****

Let me see, a book review that does this book justice? Practically impossible to write. Okay, how about partial justice? Sorry, can’t happen here. Alright, a review that hints in the barest possible way? I’ll have to stretch myself. In short, I can’t begin to describe how good this book is! The characters are so life-like and enjoyable.

This book is about a family. The father is away as a chaplain in the army, leaving the mother and four daughters, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, at home by themselves. Meg is the oldest, Jo is tomboy-ish and dreams of being a great author, Beth is sweet, and Amy is an artist. They have all sorts of adventures in a wonderfully simple (or incredible) way. Please read this book. I haven’t even begun to give a vague hint of how great it is!

I will warn you girls, however, be prepared to cry! There is a very sad part. However, the rest can be absolutely hilarious! I’m going to go read it again right now.

2 Responses to “Little Women”

  1. Little Men is the sequel to this book, and Jo’s Boys is the third one. It’s a trilogy! (Doesn’t really fit with the books, does it?) By the way, I haven’t read these. Hopefully I’ll read these or be read to. Probably the latter.

  2. I will worn you that the latter books (Little Men and Jo’s Boys) are not at all has good. But sence this is a coment about Little Women let us change your atention to the fact that Little Women is a VERY good book for readers 12 thru 9 (That was the age range that I had) If your one to cry and/or laugh over books (I don’t) get a hanky before you began.

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