Freddy Plays Football

Our rating: ****

Mrs. Bean’s long-lost older brother Aaron Doty comes to the Bean farm to visit her and to collect his share of a large inheritance, which, if the Beans give it to him, will ruin the farm. Freddy is sure that Mr. Doty isn’t who he says he is, and when Mr. Garble comes back to town, Freddy knows something is up. But Freddy must also go to high school so that he can play football in the big game between Centerboro and Tushville.

I love the way Freddy always gets himself into problems like this. Rest assured, though. Freddy is still the pig from the previous books and always manages to get out of them.

One Response to “Freddy Plays Football”

  1. This is a funny book. Freddy the Detective is ready to make a big tackle- or will Tushville tackle him?

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