Freddy the Pilot

Our rating: *****

Mr. Boomschmidt, the circus owner, is in a quandary and a dilemma. So he calls on Freddy to help him out of it. Mr. Boomschmidt explains that when Mademoiselle Rose, the horseback rider, refused to marry Mr. Condiment, the sour-faced comic book publisher, Mr. Condiment threatened to close down the circus—forcing Rose to marry him for money. Since then, he’s been doing all sorts of things to stop the show, the newest of which is dive-bombing the circus in a plane. Freddy must summon up all of his detective skills in order to solve this growing dilemma.

This is one of the best Freddy books! Freddy gets to use some of his sidesplitting disguises, and with Sniffy Wilson, the skunk, and his family pretending to be Robin Hood and his Merry Men, the results are hilarious!

4 Responses to “Freddy the Pilot”

  1. I like this book. It’s very funny.

  2. The skunks as Robin Hood and his Merry Men are very hilarious.

  3. This is probably one of Walter Brooks’ best.
    Freddy has ideas that can have sidesplitting results!

  4. Thee most read Freddy, My Merry men do! That isn’t the best old english buuuuut… I ain’t old English! Animails make the best detectives, espicially because no one suspects them! I guess that would make all the difference. Just finished this book, three cheers!!

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