The Jungle Book

Our rating: ****

A tiger named Shere Khan was hunting in the jungle when he scared some people away from their campfire. When they ran they left a baby boy behind. The tiger tried to eat the boy, but the wolves protected the boy because the tiger was hunting in their part of the jungle. The mother wolf named the boy Mowgli and often told him how he would have to kill the tiger when he was older.

I like some books better than this one, and there aren’t many funny parts in it, but it’s still pretty good!

3 Responses to “The Jungle Book”

  1. There are some shorter stories in this book, also. Hopefully I’ll have the second Jungle Book reviewed on the site sometime soon! It might be a while, though.

  2. Older readers? I’m not thirteen yet and I’ve read it. Though probably it wouldn’t be best for seven and under.

  3. I’m not thirteen yet either, but I found it hard to understand when I first read it.

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