Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley

Our rating: ***

Molly Moore wants a horse more than anything in the world, so when her father takes her to a horse auction for her tenth birthday, she has dreams of a young sleek horse being her very own. But all the horses are too expensive except for one skinny old mare that her father thinks will be perfect for pulling carts and plowing fields. Lady Sue has a surprise for all of them, though, when she gives birth to a mule. Molly names him Brown Sunshine and begins his training. Her one dream is for Brown Sunshine to be King Mule on the next Mule Day celebration.

This one is much shorter than most of the other books by Marguerite Henry, but it’s still enjoyable, if slightly predictable. It’s a fun little story.

One Response to “Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley”

  1. Brown Sunshine is so adorable! This is a very heart-warming book.

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