Detectives in Togas

Our rating: *****

The Xanthos School has 7 scholars: Publius, Flavius, Julius, Caius, Mucius, Rufus and Antonius. When Rufus writes “Caius is a dumbbell” on his wax tablet and hangs it up for everyone in the school to see, the teacher of the school, Xanthos, (known as Xantippus to the boys) tells him to leave and that he will talk to his mother about removing Rufus from the school! The next morning, the boys, not including Rufus, find Xantippus locked in the wardrobe! After rescuing him, he tells them that he had been assaulted! Also, they can have a holiday from school until his leg, which was swollen from the long wait in the wardrobe, heals. Then he tells the boys that he was only scaring Rufus when he told him about talking to his mother. Leaving Xantippus to rest, the boys happily go off and decide to go tell Rufus that he won’t be expelled from school. On the way, they find, in Rufus’ handwriting, “Caius is a dumbbell” on the temple of Minerva! Did Rufus get so angry that he desecrated the temple? And who assaulted Xantippus?

A great book! As a warning, they sometimes swear things “by the gods,” etc. This book is set in Ancient Rome and the ending is hilarious!

4 Responses to “Detectives in Togas”

  1. This is a good one!

  2. This is a great book! The ending was totally unpredictable, and the boys adventures are a joy to read. Many new words are learned, and you can discover much about the culture of Rome as you read. Overall it is a great book!

  3. This is a great on! just got done readin it yesterday

  4. its a good one we had to read it for a project

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