King of the Wind

Our rating: *****

The crowds flock to see the race between Man o’ War, the great American horse, and Sir Barton, the pride of Canada. As Mr. Riddle, the owner of Man o’ War, watches, he knows that he is watching Man o’ War run his last race. Though friends want Man o’ War to run in the Newmarket race, Mr. Riddle wants to retire him in perfect condition. Man o’ War’s blood was traceable in unbroken line to the great Godolphin Arabian, Sham! It was hard to convince his friends that his plan was the right one. Often he had to go back two hundred years and tell the story of the Godolphin Arabian, who, though his pedigree was destroyed, was the King of the Wind…

I enjoyed reading this. Our copy is falling apart, but however tattered the book may be, there might be a wonderful story inside!

3 Responses to “King of the Wind”

  1. There might be a wonderful story? On the contrary, there is a wonderful story!

  2. I’ve just now started re-reading this book and I am rather disappointed at all the Arabian religion.

  3. I don’t like it either. However, the book needs it to be what it is. It wouldn’t make sense otherwise.

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