Rakkety Tam

Our rating: *****

Gulo the Savage, the cannibalistic wolverine, has traveled across the seas in pursuit of his brother and has landed on Mossflower shores. After Gulo murdered Dramz, his father, Askor, his brother, fled with the treasured Walking Stone and now Gulo is out to seek his revenge. Rakkety Tam MacBurl and his good friend Wild Doogey Plumm rashly bound themselves by oath to the foolish King Araltum and Queen Idga, but when Gulo and his band attack, killing several of the squirrels and making off with the royal standard, the royal couple promise that upon returning their standard, Tam and Doogey may be freed from their service.

As hard as the decision is to make, I think that Rakkety Tam must be my all-time favorite Redwall book. The characters are more in-depth than ever and the story plot is woven together with exciting adventures. This is a definite must read for all Redwall fans.

6 Responses to “Rakkety Tam”

  1. Great! My ultimate favorite Redwall book.

  2. I had a great time with this book. One of the songs that the Long Patrol Hares sing with the Guosim is hilarious! There’s plenty of adventure and humor. What else can you expect from a Redwall book?

  3. I loved this book! It’s probably one of my favorite ones in the Redwall series, along with High Rhulain and Taggerung.

  4. This is my ultimate favorite too, though Outcast of Redwall and Salamandastron come really close! i just ADORE the poem about Rakkety Tam!

  5. Rakkety Tam is my all time favourite Redwall book, even though The Taggerung, The Long Patrol and the Pearls of Lutra come close. Even then all Redwall books are good and I can’t wait for the new book Eulalia!
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  6. great book, tam is still the best character of the series in my eyes,can’t wait to see what doomwyte looks like

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