The Angel’s Command

Our rating: *****

Brain Jacques continues the saga of Castaways of the Flying Dutchman in this stirring sequel. Going back to three years after they escape from the Flying Dutchman, Ben and Ned end up in a Spanish city, and go back to sea with a pirate captain, who plans to reform when he gets back to his hometown. The adventure that follows includes fast-paced sea chases, shipwrecks, and a mysterious tribe of evildoers.

Even more hauntingly vivid than Castaways of the Flying Dutchman, this one is a favorite of mine. Portions are funny, and others are sad. A page turner, with a lot of edge of your seat action, The Angel’s Command should be read by all Redwall fans.

5 Responses to “The Angel’s Command”

  1. more deep than the first one, and personally i think its even better!

  2. this is a bit more serious, and more deep. i think it is amazing, and its better than the first one! i just can’t wait to read ‘Voyage of Slaves’ book 3 it just came out!

  3. […] The Angel’s Command, Brian Jacques’ excitin’ high seas pirate adventure. […]

  4. […] I think Brian Jacques’ fascination for legends led him to write this book. He took an existing legend about “a ship that was doomed to sail the world forever” and made that the basis for this wonderful book. He gives new meaning to the legend and the emotional impact is unforgettable. Written on the side between Redwall books, this also has a sequel: The Angel’s Command. […]

  5. hay i love the book the angels command and cant wait to read more from brian jaques

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