The Arkadians

Our rating: ****½

When the newly-elected King Bromios receives his prophecy from the oracle pythoness, Woman-Who-Talks-To-Snakes, he becomes very angry when all he hears is about ashes and rags, and he orders death to all who serve her. Meanwhile, Lucian, a young man working at the palace, accidentally uncovers a scheme that the King’s right-hand men are involved in, and has to run for his life. On the way, he meets Fronto, a former poet who has been turned into a donkey and he begs Lucian for assistance. The trio is completed when Joy-In-The-Dance, a girl of marvels and mysteries, rescues Lucian and Fronto from a tricky situation. Together, they set out on a journey to The-Lady-of-Wild-Things to find help for Fronto and advice for Lucian.

A well written book, with hilariously twisted Greek mythology throughout. Lloyd Alexander creates a magical and enchanted atmosphere in The Arkadians, while Lucian and Joy-In-The-Dance’s relationship is strikingly similar to that of Taran and Eilonwy, in the Prydain Chronicles.

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  1. I read this book a while ago and it was funny! The way the Classical Greek Myths are presented makes you do a “double-take.” This is a classic Lloyd Alexander. (Guess what I’m going to say next!) Please read it!

    (Did you guess?)

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