The Story of Freginald

Our rating: ***

This story of a young bear is very enjoyable. His parents couldn’t decide what to name him, so his great-grandfather, thinking he was a she, named him Louise. As the other young bears teased him about his name, Louise spent lots of time by himself, and began making poetry. He becomes a member of Mr. Boomschmidt’s circus, where they change his name to Freginald, and, with the aid of Freddy, uncovers an unscrupulous man who is attempting to put Mr. Boomschmidt out of business.

At first, I was sort of disappointed that this story’s star wasn’t Freddy, but there are so many fun parts that I couldn’t help liking it. The circus animals are back in full force, and Freginald has some humorous adventures.

2 Responses to “The Story of Freginald”

  1. The first book with Mr. Boom!

  2. Very enjoyable! I like Jerry, the rhinoceros, a lot!

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