Beyond the Summerland

Our rating: ****½

Joraiem Andira, a young man skilled with the bow, is preparing to leave his home in Dal Harat and journey to Sulare where his training as one of the Novaana will begin. He will join with others like him in the battle against Malek, the greatest of the Titans whose betrayal brought death to his Titan brothers and destruction to Kirthanin. With memorable characters such as Valzaan the blind prophet, Wylla, Caan and Aljeron and his battle brother, Koshti, Joraiem strives to fulfill his destiny.

A truly remarkable book. L. B. Graham’s vivid imagination, woven together with adventure, suspense, and tragedy, makes an amazing story. It’s written in a style similar to Tolkien and I found it to be every bit as enjoyable. I must say that the ending was rather disappointing, but I don’t want to give anything away, so that’s all I’ll say about that. Reading it was quite an experience and by the time I finished it I was emotionally exhausted, but it was definitely worth the read.

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