Outlaw Red

Our rating: **

Sean, one of Big Red’s sons, is a perfect show dog, but everything in him yearns to be free and wild. An accident frees him and throws him (literally) into a northern wilderness. Forced to fend for himself, Sean relies on his instincts and wits in everything, from finding food, to avoiding the half-coyote-half-dog, Slasher.

Definitely a dog story. Complete with wanting an owner to love and be loved by. I wasn’t very thrilled, but I did read it in snatches throughout the day. Each person likes a different type of book. It does have kind of an abrupt ending. Rather disappointing since Sean gets shot. . . just kidding! Well, he does get shot at one point in the book, but (like Lassie!), it’s not much of a problem.

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