The Black Stallion Legend

Our rating: *

When Alec’s fiancĂ©e is killed in a car accident, Alec just snaps. Desperation drives him toward the west. Taking the Black with him, he travels on, looking for answers in the wrong places. Once they reach a desert, Alec and the Black meet a herd of wild mustangs, and Alec turns the Black free. All alone, Alec is in bad shape when a Native American boy finds him and tells him of a startling prophecy. A rider on a black horse will appear at the end of the world, and lead the tribe to safety. Convinced he is not the person, Alec tries to explain who he is, but the boy is stubborn, and the appearance of the Black matches the description of the horse. When a meteorite strikes, Alec must conquer his fears and lead the tribe to safety.

Unfortunately, this whole story is rather unbelievable. It makes interesting reading, but there are a lot of coincidences in it. It dwells a lot on the prophecy part of it, and on Alec’s psychological turmoil. Not to deter you, of course, do please read this. Every series has its highs and its lows. Of course, the Black figures prominently in all things, and there are some interesting things, like the water underground.

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