Hurry Home, Candy

Our rating: ****

George and Catherine, two children, bought a little puppy and took him home when he was too young to be away from his mother. They named him Candy. Living at their house, Candy learned an overwhelming terror of the broom, as the children’s mother would go after him with a broom when he was bad. One day, just when things were starting to get better, the family got a flat tire and while George and his father were fixing it, Catherine took Candy down to the creek. While they were down there, a storm started up and Catherine lost Candy. Now Candy has been living for about a year as a thin, fearful stray. Will Candy ever find a home?

I like this book. Hurry Home Candy, as well as many others of Meindert DeJong’s, is illustrated by Maurice Sendak.

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