A Light in the Window

Our rating: *****

Father Tim is now sure of his feeling towards Cynthia, his neighbor, but is having trouble getting up the nerve to take the next step. Edith Mallory hovers like a dark cloud on the horizon, and there is some worry as to whether or not The Grill will be able to remain open after its rent is doubled. Add to this Buck Leeper, a job construction superintendent who can be very hostile, and that trouble that Dooley’s getting into, and you have a great Mitford story!

I couldn’t put this, or any other Mitford book down for anything, (unless you include eating, chores, and, well, maybe sleeping) and if I did put it down, I was back as soon as possible. In my review, I only covered a few of the things going on. Mitford is a great series, and this is a great book.

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