A New Song

Our rating: ****

Only six months after Father Tim officially retired from the Lord’s Chapel, he has decided to go down to Whitecap for an interim stay. Everything seems to go well, from Uncle Billy and Aunt Rose’s goodbye party to the car Cynthia gives him. (A red convertable. Specifically, a Mustang GT.) But soon troubles threaten. While Father Tim and Cynthia are in Whitecap, everything bad that could happen back in Mitford happens. Gene Bolick collapses, Dooley ends up in jail, and Father’s Tim’s angel statue disappears. Faced with a decision, Father Tim must either return to Mitford or remain with his new friends in Whitecap.

Yet another great book. It’s so hard deciding what to mention in the review, as the complexity of the characters would take three or four pages (at least) to describe! I really enjoyed this one, with all of those new people! It was very hard to put down. I strongly encourage you to read the Mitford series. (A rainy day would be perfect! Just don’t spill your hot chocolate.)

2 Responses to “A New Song”

  1. I’ve read the first 7-8 of these and realy liked them but know there “ok.”

  2. I just finished reading this (literally, like, ten minutes ago), and I enjoyed it, but thought that the first four were better. (well, that would explain the five star ratings on the others, and the four stars on this one)

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