Digital Disaster

Our rating: *****

When Austin Webster brings home a digital camera from a garage sale and takes a picture of his Aunt Jessica’s prize winning beagle, the beagle, whose name is Applet, disappears! Austin and Ashley, his sister, are both sucked into the computer and get separated. Austin and Ashley go from site to site, trying to find Applet and each other. As if that weren’t enough, a Ms. Mattie Blankenskrean (try saying that out loud) is reprogramming or just plain erasing things such as people praying or a hymn. Can Austin and Ashley find each other, find Applet, and get Ms. Blankenskrean’s PDA, which she is using to reprogram and wipe out?

Warning: this book ends on a cliff hanger. If you’re thinking about getting this book as a present for someone, then you may want to buy book two of the Hyperlinz series, Fudge Factor. This book is recommended by Mrs. Donita K. Paul, author of DragonSpell and DragonQuest. You may find this book a little confusing, because it flips back and forth between Ashley, Austin, and Aunt Jessica. However, I like this book. Aunt Jessica is a fun character.

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