The Black Stallion’s Ghost

Our rating: *

Alec and the Black are taking a vacation in Florida and meet, in the Everglades, Captain Philippe de Pluminel, who has trained a white mare to do Lipizanner tricks by music-cues, without a rider, and has traveled across the world with different circuses. Unknown to Alec, Captain Philippe has his eye on the Black for mating with his mare. Henry, (Alec’s friend and horse-trainer) who is in New York, doesn’t want Alec to have the Black mate. Alec is forced to stay at the captain’s residence because of fierce lightning and thunder, and that night the captain secretly tries to mate the Black with his mare.

This is a rather weird book. I didn’t mention it in the review, but the captain is superstitious and there’s a creature called Kovi that I’m not positive is “real” or not in this book. This book isn’t exactly all ages, because it probably wouldn’t be suitable for younger people. There is, however, one race in The Black Stallion’s Ghost, but it’s a small, short one that’s not very challenging — unlike in The Black Stallion’s Courage. This might be the worst Black Stallion book. I don’t really recommend it.

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