A Common Life

Our rating: ****

Finally, Father Tim and Cynthia are getting married! But there’s so much to do before the wedding. Will Esther Bolick or Winnie Ivy bake the cake? Can Uncle Billy think of a new joke before the wedding? Will Father Tim and Cynthia even get there in time?

When reading A Common Life, you must remember that it really comes right after A Light in the Window ends. This can be confusing, because some characters show up that have left the series, and you’ll be wondering where certain others are for this whole thing. It’s not your typical Mitford book, as it follows everybody during their preparations, instead of just Father Tim. It’s also much shorter, and only took me a few hours to finish. However, A Common Life is a delightful book with many fun and interesting points.

3 Responses to “A Common Life”

  1. I read this a year or so age. I think your rating choice is good. I didn’t like the part about the joke for the wedding, I always like getting new jokes, so I was NOT happy that she didn’t add the joke in.

  2. The joke is in there. Father Tim tells it later in the book during their honeymoon.

  3. I just finished re-reading this one. It’s hilarious! There’s so many things that tie in with this one wedding, it’s amazing. I really have to hand it to Jan Karon for keeping all the plots straight and tying them in so well.

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