In This Mountain

Our rating: *****

Things are always happening in Mitford, that busy little town in North Carolina. Fanny Skinner and Joe Ivey start a haircut price war, Cynthia wins another award for her books and gets to tour the country with a reading program, Percy risks a new menu item at the Grill, and Father Tim tries to keep busy by writing essays, battling the inevitable moles, half-heartedly following his diabetes requirements, and, of course, the hunt for Dooley’s missing siblings.

There seems to be something about the Mitford books that makes it almost impossible (or difficult, at best) to set them down and do something else. You think, “Oh, just one more little section.” Then another, and, um, another, and another. And before you know it, it’s a half-hour later. Ah well. A small sacrifice for an enjoyable book.

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