Frankie and the Secret

Our rating: ***

Michael Sutherland has been jailed for life, but he claims that he hasn’t done anything wrong. The townspeople of Mansfield, however, believe the young man is guilty, all because his father was a barn-burner. When the jail catches on fire, Michael escapes to go back to Mansfield so he can prove that he was jailed unjustly. Frankie Frank, a mentally retarded man who is one of Michael’s only friends, knows the truth about Michael’s alleged crime. Unfortunately, he was told that it was a secret, and “Frankie don’t tell secrets.” Frankie can’t decide on what to do. Should he tell his secret? Or should he keep quiet?

Quite a book. The characters are realistic and the plot gets very exciting, especially at the end. There are some sad parts and some tense moments. The Younguns are, of course, the comic relief. I enjoyed this book very much, despite the fact that there is some language.

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