David Balfour

Our rating: ****

After the events in Kidnapped, David Balfour thinks his life will be easy. Far from it. Now he must go through all sorts of adventures and delays to testify at a trial that is important for the future of Scotland. And if that wasn’t bad enough, now he’s in love with a noble woman named Catriona who, through some mistakes, is left in a strange city with only David as guardian.

Stevenson is a master storyteller. His characters jump off the page, and his action is always exciting. I believe a lot of people could get a lot of nobility out of this book from David and Catriona (and a lot of advice about how not to run your courtship!). David Balfour was also published under the title of Catriona. Oh, and if you haven’t read Kidnapped and have to read David Balfour, don’t worry. Stevenson gives a rather lengthy summary of the previous book.

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