The Paradise War

Our rating: ****

Lewis and his roommate Simon live at Oxford. One day, Simon sees an article in the newspaper about a spotting of an extinct type of ox. He and Lewis go to check it out and find that it was killed with an ancient Celtic spear. On further investigation, they find a cairn (a Celtic monument type thing). Simon goes in, and though Lewis waits for him, he never comes back out. Lewis returns to Oxford and tries to live his normal life, but strange animals start roaming the streets, and then he meets a professor who claims that the Celtic Otherworld is real – and dangerous. Professor Nettles is sure Simon somehow got into the Otherworld, and he and Lewis go back to the cairn to find him. Lewis goes in, and now he’s in a strange world, surrounded by warriors about to begin a battle…

Whew! That’s just enough to get you going. There’s about two thirds of the book left that I didn’t even mention! The Paradise War is one of the better Lawhead books I’ve read. If you like Celtic myths, this one’s for you. Some of the ancient customs are really weird.

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  1. I just finished this book. It is so cool! I really enjoyed it. Wow. It’s funny, dramatic, entertaining, serious, mysterious. . . Um. I’ll think of something more in a minute. Not to mention it’s got a cliff-hanger of an ending.

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